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Who walks with wolves, learns to howl

Much is spoken today of Social Networking and Social Media, although is associated with only sites like Facebook or Twitter, I should clarify that sites are not everything. Social Media is any means of interaction can range from a Messenger to sites like Flickr, from a Web site like YouTube, to a wiki like Wikipedia definitions.

In life, the child is influenced by the father: “Son of a tiger, pintito,” one friend to another influence: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are,” even God can bring together popular good and bad: “God makes them flock together”, well, I think that this is used to gather more bad heh!, but What about Social Networking technology which has given a new face?

You wonder with this introduction has to do what the title of this reflection? “Who with wolves learns to howl” as this popular mexican saying reflects in large swarms that in today’s social networks, continues to have an influence among the people who interact, in fact, it is believed that a person who follows a brand through social networks are more loyal to her.

The interrelationship of people have given thanks to Social Networks has had an impact on the world, and agree with Gustavo Arizpe @ gustavoarizpe in the Social Media has changed the world, as people always socialize, rather it has democratized the dissemination of information making it affordable through Social Networks, spaces that were previously broadcast monopoly and scarce, are now at hand (and of course thanks to the internet). Through these media now talked, protest, hear, share and interact with the world literally and in turn all the world comes to us.

Dr. James Fowler of the University of California who specializes in Social Networks, Economic Behavior, Evolution of Cooperation and the genetic basis of political behavior, studies that have based their theory that for influence between people of a network, there is up to 3 degrees of incidence, namely:

your friend

the friend of your friend

The friend of a friend of your friend

They all have an influence on you, but turn the “friend of a friend of your friend,” you come to be an influence for him.

Studies by Dr. Fowler, shows the influence of the people we know well that 75% of homicides are committed by an acquaintance of the victim, also 68% of marriages are presented from mutual friends. Perhaps these figures show us a little about the influence of our friends and acquaintances.

Pay attention to the influence you can have worse, tripling the possibility that you’re obese if you have friends who are, likewise a friend or acquaintance who is sad about you can influence as much as 7%.

With the above, the studies of Dr. Fowler also shed you can be influenced to 9% by friends or acquaintances who are gay. Fowler believes that one factor that increases happiness is having many relationships even if they are light, few friends privacy.

A few weeks ago my wife surprised me with a new one had taken from a Facebook friend because she felt it was a bad influence, always repudiated, to pessimistic comments and all annoyed with it I realize that these are popular wisdom, science proves it, and a book like the Bible from ancient anticipated advertírnoslo: Proverbs-Mishle 13:20 “He who walks with wise men shall be wise.”

I leave you with a quote from my Twitter account @ mijaelavila “Putting land by sometimes it is as good for a dog run away from a thief or a bad influence that undermines your existence.”

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